LED or light-emitting diode technology is widely seen as the future of lighting technology. They use a fraction of the energy used by incandescent bulbs. Save on energy costs and help protect the environment!

We use only premium materials for one reason: they provide greater strength and durability than any others.

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Environmentally friendly LED products


Intricately designed LED Lightings provide stable, durable, flicker-free, energy saving and environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional lighting systems.  Applications include carpark lighting, general indoor, home and office lighting, display case accent, mood lighting and architectural lighting.  We ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Features & Benefits

·         No UV/IR radiation

·         Long life-span - when properly engineered, last more than five times longer than metal halide. This reduces environmental waste and also maintenance.   

·         Low maintenance cost 

·         Energy Saving - LEDs are about 50 percent more efficient than high-pressure sodium or metal halide, 35 percent more than fluorescent and 80 percent more than incandescent. 

·         Lead-free; Mercury-free - this, together with long life span. reduces environmental waste.

·         Stable and durable - vibration and impact resistant

·         Low temperature

·         Flicker-free



·         Home lighting

·         Architectural lighting

·         Interior commercial lighting 


Example Models:

4w 7w candle traffic1 Street1

Bulb 4W / 7W / Candle 4W

Tube 9W 600mm

Tube 16W 900mm

Tube 18W 1200mm

Tube 24W 1500mm